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Four new Volumes have been added to The Grammar of Ornament Collection:

#507 – Vol. 7 – Arabian Ornament
Arabian vector illuminated border eps

#508 – Vol. 8 – Turkish Ornament
Turkish vector border eps

#508 – Vol. 9 – Moresque Ornament
Moresque vector background tile eps

#510 – Vol. 10 – Persian Ornament

Persian vector illuminated border eps

The Illuminated Manuscripts Project
Alfredo Malchiodi and the AlfredoM Graphic Arts Studio’s Illuminated Manuscripts Project is committed to hand-drawn re-creations, in electronic vector format, of masterpieces of illumination and illustration art. Our CD collections of exquisite manuscript and book art in electronic vector format has range from early Celtic Art, the Middle Age and Renaissance, to the Victorian Era’s Arts and Crafts Movement and early 20th century’s Liberty and the Art Deco styles.

Illuminated Manuscripts Vol. 1

Illuminated Manuscripts Vol. 6

Illuminated Manuscripts Vol. 6

Graphic elements (e.g. borders, headers, capital letters, ribbons, laces, scrolls, etc.) are selected from both ancient and modern masterpieces. Then they are each completely hand-redrawn directly into EPS vector graphic format. We employ a Wacom pen & tablet with vector-based drawing applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Corel Draw. Our digital artwork is intended for use by both professionals and amateurs- anyone with an inspiration to employ these masterpieces in their own creative projects and artwork. No particular skill nor complicated graphic software is needed to illuminate your own documents, letters, invitation, cards, banners, brochures, posters, etc. Every CD includes EPS, WMF, TIFF and GIF file formats and a catalog for viewing and selecting the images.

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones
The first ten volumes of the collection dedicated to The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones are completed and ready to ship.
The first part of this monumental collection of vector graphics includes 10 periods of the history of decoration:
#501 - Vol. 1 - Ornament of Savage Tribes*
#502 - Vol. 2 - Egyptian Ornament
#503 - Vol. 3 - Assyrian and Persian Ornament
#504 - Vol. 4 - Greek Ornament
#505 - Vol. 5 - Pompeian Ornament
#506 - Vol. 6 - Byzantine Ornament
#507 - Vol. 7 - Arabian Ornament
#508 - Vol. 8 - Turkish Ornament
#509 - Vol. 9 - Moresque Ornament
#510 - Vol. 10 - Persian Ornament

Preview all the published Volumes of the Grammar of Ornament from one page.

Vector Graphics
Each decorative image and element is meticulously hand-drawn. Many advanced designers will find our vector file versions with the following desirable feature: preserved, original hierarchies and groupings to facilitate modifications and enable the extraction of unique elements. Though resolution-independent vector formats insure high-quality reproduction at any size and allow complete latitude for pre-production modifications, our CD collections also include common pixel-based file formats of each graphic and a vector format supported by Office applications for desktop publication.

Fine art that everybody and anybody can use!
The finest examples of Illuminated Manuscript art and Illustration Arts are now as easy to employ as Clip Art for your special events. Our CD collections of high quality clipart in eps vector format and high resolution tiff format are perfect for announcements, engagement and wedding invitations. Create your own guest invitations for your shower, a wedding, reception, anniversary, or a bachelor and bachelorette party. With unique elements design baby shower announcements, invitations, reception invitations, and all your wedding correspondence. Borders, laces, bands, floral elements, illuminations, illuminated capitals, etc. can be used with your graphic program or word processor and printed from either from your home printer or sent to an outside printer. Illuminated caps and letters in different styles with matching small capitals and letters add elegance to all your correspondence or make authentic your Renaissance and Middle Age wedding invitations. Matching Renaissance invitation borders provide an artful impression.

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Illuminated Letters and Borders - Domenico Bandini

Domenico Bandini
Fons Mirabilium Universi

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William Morris - Kelmscott Chaucer

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Borders for Word Documents Illuminated Manuscripts’ Borders for Word includes a large variety of beautiful borders from other Illuminated Manuscripts collections. These are pre-inserted into MS Word .doc files. Simply open the prepared Word Doc with the ornamentation you desire and type your text. Your documents are ready-to-print as illuminated letters, invitations, cards, signs, certificates newsletters or other projects for print.

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